See How Our Programs Come Together


Actellic - A Tribute

This video needed to open with a montage of shots of small town America. However, we soon realized that the filming was going to be a challenge. We visited several small towns and they were like ghost towns. So we had an idea. We went to the Steele County Fair and got all the shots we were looking for... parades, kids, animals, beauty pageants, nighttime concerts and lots of smiling faces. For the soundtrack we planned to use a song about small towns written by a famous singer. At the last second he pulled out. But all was not lost. Jim Fuller locked himself in his studio for a weekend and wrote and produced the song “I Love a Small Town.” Monday morning the clients were thrilled. Not only did the song fit perfectly, it was “custom”!



Ames Construction - Marketing

Ames Construction does railroad construction work including bridges, tunnels and excavating. We were hired to film beauty shots throughout the country of finished sites with trains running through them. However, trains rarely stick to a fixed schedule and the railroad offices never really knew when they'd show up. For one shot we had to show a train crossing an Ames bridge in a remote area four hours away. One train crossed the bridge per day, so we had one chance to get our shot. As we pulled up to the bridge, we saw a slight glint in the distance. We quickly grabbed the camera and tripod, ran toward the bridge and set up the gear. The moment the camera was stable, the train crossed the bridge. We didn't have a second to spare.


Augsburg Press - Molly & Jonah

Molly and Jonah was a five-part series of childrens programs we produced for a religious organization. The client had high expectations and a tight budget. We realized we needed a humorous, cutting edge concept that would engage boys and girls of all ages, yet be approved by their committee. Our writer came up with the idea of Molly and Jonah. The client loved it. Once we got the go-ahead, we faced the daunting task of pulling it off. To stay on budget, our director had to shoot five segments, each containing dozens of scenes in three days. Our producer, set designer, and talents had to stay one step ahead of him at all times. We edited the program in record time, incorporating numerous cutaways, animations and effects.


CHS - Customer Testimonial

For this program we filmed the heavy equipment repair department of a large construction company in Nebraska. We were told that the employees were a bunch of bikers who ran around at 200 MPH while smoking Camels and listening to Metallica at full volume. We were also told that although the company really liked our client's product, no one, especially the manager would take the time to sit down for an interview. So we each drank a pot of coffee, rolled up our sleeves and began filming. It was a fast-paced shoot but we stayed ahead of everyone and were able to stay out of their way. Eventually the supervisor came to like us. At the end of the day he granted us a fabulous interview.



Freschetta - New Product Intro

Freschetta called needing us to film the following day. We were told that we would be filming a product launch for their new square pizza. When we arrived, we discovered it was actually a still photo shoot of their advisory chefs for the cover of the pizza box. We decided very quickly to make the video a documentary of the shoot. We filmed the photographer as he set up his camera, filmed the chefs in the make-up room, and got shots of their food stylist . Once we had enough footage, we interviewed each of the chefs and then wrapped up with the photographer snapping the photo that appeared on the box. Freschetta was so impressed with the final program that they had us take the shots and create a music video.